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Boston Gear offers the industry’s largest line up of reliable speed reducers, gearing and other quality drivetrain components。With well over a century of frontline experience, Boston Gear is recognized globally as a premier resource for extremely reliable, high-performance power transmission components.

Boston Gear offers the industry’s most comprehensive product array featuring more than 30,000 standard products combined with the ability to custom engineer unique solutions when required. Product lines include standard enclosed gear drives, custom speed reducers, AC/DC motors, DC drives and Centric brand overload clutches and torque limiters.

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
BOSTON GEAR TB-2028 Sleeve Bearings 109 mm 179 mm 46,5 1 900 r/min
BOSTON GEAR HFL-5 Spherical Plain Bearings - Rod Ends 30696 12500 kN 480x950x250 950
BOSTON GEAR HM16G Spherical Plain Bearings - Rod Ends 44 mm 130 mm 85x130x44 7017HVDUJ74
BOSTON GEAR HMLE-10 Spherical Plain Bearings - Rod Ends 114,3 mm 260 kN 485 kN MR729640
BOSTON GEAR TB-1624 Sleeve Bearings 9210 lbf 51700 lbf 1.63 in 1.45
BOSTON GEAR HFL-8CG Spherical Plain Bearings - Rod Ends 15 mm 170 177 mm 39,63 mm
BOSTON GEAR B1618-6 Sleeve Bearings FIAT / IVECO / MERS. 85,000 38,500 CRF-32217 A
BOSTON GEAR B1519-12 Sleeve Bearings 19,05 mm 60.6 889 mm 19,05 mm
BOSTON GEAR B1420-10 Sleeve Bearings 27 mm 61,9 1,87 Kg 110 mm
BOSTON GEAR B1418-8 Sleeve Bearings 70.8 mm 34.5 kN 18 mm 1,1 mm
BOSTON GEAR B1418-7 Sleeve Bearings 205.00 mm 109 mm Cast Iron Taconite
BOSTON GEAR MCB96120 Plain Bearings 2 x M20 3310 rpm 31024 lbf Light Series